Shutterfest 2018

I had the opportunity to attend Shutterfest 2018 in St. Louis, MO. I knew that I would be surrounded by amazingly talented photographers who have a wealth of knowledge and experience. My goals were to absorb as much information as I possibly could and develop relationships with photographers who are where I would one day like to be. Although the Shutterfest was overwhelming, I accomplished my goals. The culture of the event was one of encouragement and information sharing. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and discussed some of the challenges that I face as a photographer, how I can improve my clients’ experiences and how to improve my techniques. This event not only had classes, but it also offered photo walks and models. It was great to be able to learn something new, then be able to use what you learned almost instantly. It also allowed photographers to test out lenses, lighting equipment as well as new cameras.  What I appreciated most is that although there are photographers who have mastered the basic fundamentals of this craft, there is still opportunities to grow and develop. I am grateful for the experience, the knowledge and the friendships from Shutterfest 2018. I am looking forward to the next one. In the meantime, I am working to apply what I learned to evolve into a master of photography…who can then help develop other photographers just starting out to reach their full potential.


Pursuing Your Passion In Excellence

It is a blessing to discover and follow your passion and God’s purpose for your life. Most people fail to pursuit their passions due to fear and doubt. But there are others who take a leap of faith and strategically pursuit their passion. The people who turn their passions into business have a tendency to thrive, especially when they are in line with God’s will. My dear friend, Chef Sondra Corry, is an example of someone who is pursuing her passion in excellence. And it is truly God’s will for her life. Chef Sondra is the owner and operator of Personal Touch Catering here in Charlotte, NC. She is a trained chef who takes pride in her work. Not only does her food taste amazing, but the presentation is always immaculate. Chef Sondra specializes in creating flavor combinations that take traditional dishes to the next level. She not only caters weddings and events, she also provides personal chef services. I had the privilege of photographing her for her upcoming website. It is always great to work with someone who truly loves what they do. Be sure to check out Chef Sondra’s Facebook page, Personal Touch Catering.