Shutterfest 2018

I had the opportunity to attend Shutterfest 2018 in St. Louis, MO. I knew that I would be surrounded by amazingly talented photographers who have a wealth of knowledge and experience. My goals were to absorb as much information as I possibly could and develop relationships with photographers who are where I would one day like to be. Although the Shutterfest was overwhelming, I accomplished my goals. The culture of the event was one of encouragement and information sharing. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and discussed some of the challenges that I face as a photographer, how I can improve my clients’ experiences and how to improve my techniques. This event not only had classes, but it also offered photo walks and models. It was great to be able to learn something new, then be able to use what you learned almost instantly. It also allowed photographers to test out lenses, lighting equipment as well as new cameras.  What I appreciated most is that although there are photographers who have mastered the basic fundamentals of this craft, there is still opportunities to grow and develop. I am grateful for the experience, the knowledge and the friendships from Shutterfest 2018. I am looking forward to the next one. In the meantime, I am working to apply what I learned to evolve into a master of photography…who can then help develop other photographers just starting out to reach their full potential.


Senior Year

Most teenagers look forward to their senior year in high school. With Ikira, it is no different. She is extremely excited that her senior year is here and quickly coming to a close. She plans to attend Wake Forest University this fall. I am excited to see her succeed as she keeps God first. She will continue to be a stand-out student who chooses not to conform to the world. Congratulations, Ikira!!!!

Love Is In The Air

I had the pleasure of photographing Michelle and Erick earlier this month. This couple will be tying the knot later this year. I’m extremely excited for their upcoming nuptials. I am so grateful that they took the time out of their schedules to allow me to capture some of their love. I pray that they have many blissful years in a thriving marriage. Congratulations Mich and E!!!!

Mission Complete

On February 1st, 2016, I started a digital photography certification class at the local community college. I signed up for the class to gain a better understanding of photography and how to become better at what I love to do. Although I have attended other classes and workshops prior to now, this class taught me quite a few things. I learned the importance of metering. I learned how to meter. I learned how to use flash effectively. I developed an efficient work flow in LightRoom. On February 29th, 2016, the last day of class, we took a field trip to Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. I had the opportunity to see how much I progressed from the first day to the last day. It was a wonderful experience to become a student of photography in order to become a better photographer.